Bower Construction provides a very unique service for business owners. We can remodel your place of business while you are closed at night. BCI has the experience to organize and compress complex projects into week long jobs without you ever missing a sale.

One morning at 4 am a restaurant owner compared what he was seeing to a scene from "A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM". BCI took a job site with 15 men, installing outlets, running jack hammers, setting ceramic tile and hanging drywall, to a completely clean lobby ready for the first wave of breakfast customers.  

You need a remodeler! BCI does not build homes, steel buildings or even large additions. There are a lot of great companies serving these needs. We will use our 30 plus years of remodeling experience to plan every detail of your project and then assemble the right team to complete the  job to your satisfaction.

If you need to remodel your business, consider the safety of your customers and the productivity of your employees. By working at night for 10-12 hour shifts. BCI can use larger crews and work more efficiently than working during the day when your should be open serving YOUR customers